Finding Joy in the Ordinary

We should all be happy with our ordinary days. They should bring the most joy. To have an ordinary day is a blessing. We all think blue skies are normal and walking to school is routine, hanging with friends on the weekend is the usual and having our family is just the same. But it’s not. Nothing is normal, nothing is ordinary. We need to look at life in awe. Even the simplest things are a treasure. If everything was taken away from us then we would realize what we had, then we would all want it back and never look at it the same. If tomorrow the sky turns black forever, and only turned blue once a year, we would all be in awe when the blue sky came out. We are all so lucky and we should all be happy and find joy in our normal days. We should all see the beauty in ordinary days. The beauty in routine too. Everything is amazing and nothing should be taken advantage of. I believe that if we all live life enjoying the ordinary, we wouldn’t regret anything in the end and we would all be happier. We shouldn’t let life pass us by. It would be unfortunate if we didn’t enjoy the little things about life and our ordinary days just because we never realized the beauty and luck that we all have to be living life. We should smell the flowers, breathe in the air. One day it will be taken away from us. We should be thankful that today wasn’t that day.

Love always,

Annabel xoxo

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