Live for Today

A lot of us live for the weekend because there’s no school, we can sleep in, have fun etc… But, I believe that we shouldn’t live for the weekend. We shouldn’t wait for friday, we shouldn’t wait for summer, we shouldn’t wait for everything. We should live in this moment. Make the best of this moment. Each day we should do something that we love so that we aren’t just looking forward to the weekends, but to the week in general. I know many of us have school during the week and homework, but we could make that fun too! We can do homework with a friend. We can treat ourselves after school and homework are done. For example: we can bake a cake or go shopping once we finished doing our homework. Each day should be special. Live for today, not for tomorrow, not for next week, not for next month. One day we won’t be here anymore. Enjoy everyday because we never know if it’s our last.

Love always,

Annabel xoxo


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