My Trip to Miami ☀️

My trip to Miami was an unforgettable one. I had lots of fun, soaked up the sun and enjoyed the mall! I ate at very delicious restaurants and went to a great auto antique museum. I loved South Beach and Aventura Mall. The ocean there was beautiful. It’s turquoise and the water is so clear. It was so fun to swim in it in the Miami heat. I saw lots of fish in the water and even found a gorgeous rock. The beach was so relaxing. The calm waves pushed me as I swam, fish swam around and refreshing water cooled me. It was so amazing! Sunbathing by the ocean was great and so was eating lunch on the beach. It was rainy there but we got some gorgeous, sunny days. I did some shopping and even went to Dash (the Kardashian’s store). Downtown Miami was very beautiful and I loved the boats and pier there. I also loved the shops and restaurants nearby. This trip was unforgettable and gave me so many great memories. Travelling makes us learn so much about different parts of the world and about ourselves. Always be open to new things, have a positive mind and be yourself. Everyone’s equal no matter their status, class or wealth. Miami is a very busy city full of different people and full of tourists. There’s always something to do!  I’m just so lucky I got to soak all of it in and now I have all the great memories of this amazing week. Always appreciate your experiences 🙂 

Love always,

Annabel xoxo  

This is me at the auto museum in Miami 


Me at Dash Miami

A picture I took of a beautiful view

Another picture I took of a beautiful view. The ocean is crystal clear! 💎🌊

Beautiful downtown Miami!

A selfie I took on a sunny day in Miami! ☀️

This is the gorgeous rock I found in the ocean

Sunny day selfie 🙂

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