Final Exam Tips

Hey guys!

Final exams are right around the corner so here are some tips to help! My exams are this week, let me know when yours are in the comments below

Tip 1

We shouldnโ€™t cram our studying that then we have too much to study in a small amount of time. We should give ourselves enough time to study the material well

Tip 2

We should plan our study time! We should have a general idea of when weโ€™re going to study each course.

Tip 3

We need to take breaks when we need them and eat healthy snacks

Tip 4

We need to get a good night sleep the night before the exam and have a good breakfast. Toast, eggs, fruits, nutsโ€ฆ are all healthy options

Tip 5

We shouldnโ€™t stress. We all probably know all the material and Iโ€™m sure weโ€™ll ace it!

Tip 6

How to look great on the exam day?

1. Donโ€™t stress! Youโ€™re so beautiful

2. Brush that hair, put on some lipgloss, curl those lashes and youโ€™re ready to go!

3. Smile, itโ€™s your best accessory

4. Prepare your outfit and supplies for the exam the night before so that there is no running around the day of. Prepare an outfit thatโ€™s comfortable and makes you feel good

Those are all the tips! I hope they help and Iโ€™m sure all of us will ace those finals! Youโ€™re all so beautiful on the inside and out! Donโ€™t stress summer is right around the corner!

Love always,

Annabel xoxo