Life is Life 

Life is hard, unfair and unpredictable. It’s also fun, exciting and adventurous. All these things make life amazing. Life is about feeling every emotion to its fullest. It’s about using every piece of your mind, bone in your body, nerve in your nervous system and every ounce of eyesight, hearing and feeling you have. Life is sometimes easy and sometimes hard. Life is about feeling everything.

Never stress too much about anything because life is way too short. Make time for what you love. Life is like reading a book. One chapter at a time you’re getting to the end and when it’s done you close the book. Every chapter in our life begins and then ends. Once the chapters are done its over and the book is closed.

Enjoy your life and don’t regret anything. Make memories and have fun 🙂

And remember, life is life.

And life goes on.

Love always,

Annabel xoxo

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