My Skin Care Routine 💄

Hey everyone! Here’s my 2015 skin care routine and the latest products I’ve been using 😉

Every morning I wash my face with the Arbonne Calm Face Wash and then moisturize it with the Arbonne Calm Moisturizer. For dark circles under the eyes I use the Arbonne Cooling Eye Gel or the Bausch + Lomb Thera Peal Eye Mask. Every few days I use the Origins Charcoal Mask and I tried the Origins Overnight Mask recently.

Product Reviews

Arbonne Calm Face Wash: great for sensitive skin and is very calming for the skin, cleans the skin very well and removes makeup well

Arbonne Calm Moisturizer: very moisturizing for the skin and great for sensitive skin

Arbonne Cooling Eye Gel: extremely good for dark circles and swollen undereyes, it diminishes the darkness and swollenness amazingly

Baucsh + Lomb Thera Pearl Eye Mask: very soothing to swollen eyes and diminishes dark circles very well

Origins Charcoal Mask: clears pores very well and softens the skin

Origins Overnight Mask: Softens and soothes the skin nicely

Love always,

Annabel xoxo

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