How To Wear Pink Lipstick (Collaboration)


Pink lipstick is a great statement lipstick. It’s bright and fun but sometimes can be hard to pair things with. This post is in collaboration with Beauty At Its Finest 


Beauty At Its Finest  believes in wearing what you love and feeling confident.


The first step to wearing pink lipstick is finding the perfect shade for you. Do you prefer light, dark, medium, fuchsia, pastel, reddish pink, purplish pink etc…

Pairing pink lipstick is all about feeling comfortable with it.


Different Ways To Pair Pink Lipstick


Pairing it with black really makes it stand out. It can be the colour in an all black outfit. Try pairing pink accessories with it to really make it stand out!



Pair it with white. Dress in all white or just wear a white top. The pink lipstick will give the outfit some color.




Add accessories that complement the pink and make it stand out more. For example: a pink sweater.





Pair the pink lipstick with a contrasting color like green or blue. You can also add contrasting color to your outfit to create a unique feel with the pink.




Have fun with your makeup and outfits!  🙂


Love always,

Annabel xoxo

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