🌸Health Benefits of Yoga: Day 2 🌸

On day two of my yoga journey we started with 3-part breathing. 3-Part Breathing is breathing into the belly, then ribs, then chest.

I was more in tune with my breathing today than I was on the first day. You will see over time, you’ll become more in tune with yourself and breathe deeper.

Breathing is very important: it calms the mind, soul and body. It’s such a simple change to our daily routine but so significant. It is great for anxiety and stress too.

Poses Learned

Standing Forward Fold

Stand up, big toes together, heels slightly apart. Reach up with the arms, send heart forward. Eyes stay forward, fold your body, relax upper body, lower back and legs to stretch them.


Start with your hands shoulder length apart (wrists should be under shoulders), index fingers should be parallel, stretch your legs out, press out with the heels to activate shins, press out of the back of the knee to activate upper leg, pelvis should be tilted forward, tailbone pointing towards feet (activates core), press your upper back up to fill in the space between the shoulder blade, look a foot in front of you on the ground

8 Limbs Pose

From the plank…

Knees on ground, butt up, chest on the ground, chin on the ground, squeeze shoulders in.

Low Lunge 

Start in a lunge position, foot is flat, bend knee to be right over the ankle, extend the other leg, land on top of the knee cap, toes untucked, raise arms above head or lace them behind you, shoulders down.

Yoga Flow Sun Salutation A

Practice makes perfect:  as I did it, I got better at it, and so will you 😉

Steps of Sun Salutation A

1. Extended Mountain Pose -Inhale

2. Standing Forward Fold -Exhale

3. Hands down to the ground – Inhale

4. Low Lunge – Exhale

5. Plank -Inhale

6. 8 Limb Pose -Exhale

7. Table Pose (kneel on all fours) – Inhale

8. Downward Dog – Exhale

9. Bring opposite foot forward for another low lunge -Inhale

10. Both feet to front for another forward fold -Exhale

11. Rise up into extended mountain pose -Inhale

12. Mountain Pose -Exhale
Feels really good, muscles stretch



Felt really relaxed.

My mentor said that it’s normal for some emotions to come up during yoga. A lot of poses open up the heart, hips and chest where a lot of emotions are hidden and tucked away. When we do savasana we relax from the yoga flow and feel the emotions come up.

Love always,

Annabel xoxo

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