๐ŸŒธ Health Benefits of Yoga: Day 4 ๐ŸŒธ

The journey continues… 

On day 4 we started with a new breathing technique. It is called Bellows Breath. It is deeper and faster breathing. It can’t be done for to long. It helps clear the mind and relieves lethargy and laziness. I felt light headed and hot after I did it. 

Poses Learned 

Crescent Moon Stretch 

Stand feet hip width apart

Put a block in between your thighs to help with the pose

Press the thighs together with the block in between them

Pelvis a bit forward, tailbone pointing down 

Put your hand on your right hip and stretch your left side. Press into left hip and foot.

Put your hand on your left hip and stretch your right side. Press into right hip and foot. 

Do this pose without a block to really feel the sensation. As a beginner start with a block and eventually try without the block. 

Chair Pose 

Feet hip distance apart, feet parallel to mat

Press thighs together (with a block in between, or do as if there is a block in between)

Fold forward 

Sit back, knees can’t be further than toes

Activate core by pressing pelvis forward and tail bone down

Activate arms and fingers (arms next to ears, fingers spread out)

Shoulders down

I felt my core, upper back, thighs and arms 


This is a great photo to follow 

High Lunge 

Front foot forward

Knees at 90 degrees above ankle 

Send other leg back, press out through heel to activate leg and lift up the knee

Activate quad by pulling up knee cap

Tuck tailbone underneath to open up the hip flexor and the core

Imagine energetically that your pulling your thoughts together in order for your hips to align and be straight 

Arms up, shoulders down, heart open, fingers active 

Felt my legs and arms haha looks easier than it is 


Feet flat on ground, hip distance apart, walk them toward hips 

Lower down, back is flat on the ground, press thighs together energetically

Tuck chin in towards chest to lengthen back of neck

Roll shoulders underneath you 

Press into feet, inhale and lift the hips up

Rock from side to side to walk the shoulders underneath

Lift chest and sternum up to open heart

Interlace fingers underneath 

Energetically pull hands to feet and feet towards you 

When you come out…

Lower one vertebrae at a time *very important so you don’t hurt yourself*

I felt my core, legs, shoulders and back. Very good for strengthening the back. 


We ended the session with meditation 

Kneel/lie down/sit, close your eyes, focus on breath and body 

Learned Namaste: 

Namaste Meaning: The divine in me recognizes the divine in you 
Hope my journey is helping all of you too! Let me know in the comments how your doing with yoga! ๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ’ช๐Ÿผ 

Love always,

Annabel xoxo 


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