🌸 Health Benefits of Yoga: Day 7 🌸

The journey continues onto Day 7

Today we focused on lateral extensions. Extending our sides 😊

We started with 5 minutes of 3-part breathing, which is how my mentor and I start every session.

Following 3-part breathing we did 2 Sun Salutation with variation warrior and chatturanga.

The sequence of Sun Salutation Warrior Variation (all poses have been explained in previous posts)


Forward fold




Downward dog

Warrior 1

Warrior 2

Peaceful Warrior (scroll down for instructions on how to do it)

Forward Fold


Repeat to work other leg 😉

This is a great workout. Stretches and works all your muscles.

Poses Learned

Side Angle Pose 

How to do it…

Start in warrior 2, reaching forward, fingertips forward bring elbow down to knee, ensure not to collapse in inner side

Rotate your shoulder to raise your arm above your ear in one diagonal line

Advanced: slide hand of the bent elbow to the inside of front foot, ensure that both side bodies are lengthened

The left side was harder for me to do. Let me know in the comments which side is easier and harder for you! 😊
Peaceful Warrior 

How to do it…

Start in warrior 2, flip palm of forward hand, sweep arm up and back to open up chest and side body


How to do it…

Heels in line, one foot pointing forward, one at 45 degree angle

Activate knee cap to pull thigh into hip, open up arms to the side

Inhale – lengthen upper body, reach fingertips forward

Exhale – pivot hips, bring upper body to the side (horizontal)

Put a block on the inside of the ankle for hand

LOL at my dog! 🐶

Standing Straddle 

How to do it…

Wide legs, pigeon feet, outside edge of foot parallel to edge of may, slight bend in knee, hands on hips

Inhale – lengthen spine

Exhale – dive heart forward

Keep hops in line with ankles, slowly walk hands in between feet if you can, always with straight back and hip in line with ankles

Seated Straddle 

Sit legs wide apart, feet flexed lengthen back of legs, sit on bones of butt

Inhale – lengthen spine

Exhale – walk hands forward with a straight spine, hinging hip


5 minutes

Focus on your breathe if you have trouble focusing. As thoughts come, don’t let them affect you. It is not a matter of thinking of nothing but instead not letting whatever you think or affect you during meditation. Over time, you feel focus better during mediation.

I feel like I go into my own world when I meditate. When I open my eyes I feel like my mind is clear, I feel relaxed and awakened after.

Thoughts after session 

After doing yoga I always feel like I have better posture. I feel happier and more relaxed. My body feels aligned and stretched.

Love always,
Annabel xoxo


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