🌸 Health Benefits of Yoga: Day 8 🌸

The yoga journey continues onto Day 8

On this day we focused on hip-opening poses!

Those are my favourite because I loveeeee doing the split! 😊✨💕

We started with 3-part breathing, 2 Sun Salutation A with variations

Explanations on how to do these are in previous posts

Poses Learned 


How to do it…

Soles of feet together, sit up on butt bonesC thumbs inside the inside of the foot, open up feet like a book (opens up hips), roll shoulders back, long spine, dive heart forward

Note * could do with a rounded spine but that stretched the back not the hips

Cow Faced Pose 

How to do it…

Start in table (all fours), cross one leg on top of the other (right foot outside of left hip, left foot outside of right hip)

Knees on top of each other, feet aligned, put  hands onto soles of feet (creates internal rotation of hips)


How to do it…

(Right hip explanation, repeat for left hip)

Bring right knee toward right corner of mat, bring the foot to the left side, have shin be parallel to the front of mat (this is the goal but doesn’t always happen)

Slide left leg behind you, toes untucked, rock your hips left and right to make sure you land in the center, come up onto the fingertips to lengthen the spine, exhale – walk hands forward, long spine, diving heart down to the ground.

Monkey 🐵

The split! My favourite 😁

Make sure hips are square (aligned), always stretch before

Do half split before doing monkey

After doing monkey I feel super stretched!

Finished with meditation.

Hope this helped!

Love always,

Annabel xoxo


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