🌸 Health Benefits of Yoga: Day 9 🌸

My yoga journey has come so far…

day 9 let’s begin! 😊

We started with 3-Part Breathing

Also we turned our head to the left and right as we inhaled and exhale on the last round of 3-part breathing

We then continued on to 2 Sun Salutations with variations


Forward Fold




Downward dog

Warrior 1

Warrior 2

Peaceful Warrior

Forwar Fold

We focused on twists today

Twists represent life. The straight spinal cord represents the present, your turning represents turning away from the past and looking represents looking towards the future, being ready for what’s next.

Poses Learned 

Revolved Side Angle 

How to do it…

Begin in low lunge (beginner) high lunge (intermediate)

Hands to heart, open up collar bones, roll shoulders back, inhale: lengthen in between each vertebrae of the spine, exhale: empty out whole body of air, start twist from bottom of spine, hook elbow outside of knee to give leverage in the twist and trust a little deeper, reach crown of head forward, lengthen spine, bring gaze up towards sky

I had trouble balancing in this pose

Revolved Triangle 

How to do it…

Get into triangle position (beginner: feet positioned like on skis), heels in line, back foot at 45 degree angle

Explanation for right side

Pull right thigh into hip pulling right hip back, left arm up towards sky, right hand on hip, dive heart forward until your horizontal, place hand on block (outside of right ankle)

Exhale: start to twist from the hips up, open collarbones, open up right arm towards sky, gaze up towards sky if possible

I had trouble balancing in this pose too.

Half Lord of the Fishes 

How to do it…
Legs lengthened in front of you, cross right leg on top of leg placing right foot on the outside of the left thigh pressing foot into ground, hug knee into yourself with left elbow, lift left arm up, bring right 6-8 inches away from base of the spine, on exhale start to empty the belly, hook left elbow on outfit of right knee

Twist naval up, head turns last, collarbones broad rotating, shoulders open
Supine Stretch

This is my personal fave! 😊✨💕

How to do it…

For right twist

Lay on back, open your arms either out to your sides stretched out or cactus (bent elbows), shift hips to the right, cross right knee over left, allow knees to fall over left side, head turns to the right

Close your eyes and enjoy the stretch

This type of stretch happens with patience, You can stay in this stretch for a while

I felt a stretch in my back.

Over time of doing this pose…

You should be able to bring your knees down to the ground and shoulder down to the ground


We ended the session with mediation. I started to get into my own world when meditating. It’s amazing! You should all try it to! 😊✨ very healthy

Hope you all enjoyed! What’s your fave pose?

Love always,

Annabel xoxo


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