🌸 Health Benefits of Yoga: Day 10 🌸

The journey continues…

On day 10 we did a yoga session like a yoga class. We did breathing, a flow and then we meditated. It’s a great session and I try to practice twice a week.

Yoga Flow Session 

First we started with breathing then we got into the flow

45 Minute Flow Sequence 

Child’s pose

Child Flow (child, downward dog, plank, chattagana, cobra, child)

Sun Salutation A – 2 times

Sun Salutation A with Variations – 2 times

Sun Salutation B – 2 times

Tree Pose – 2 times


Pigeon – 2 times

Half Lord of the Fishes – 2 times

Navasana (Boat)


Supine Twists – 2 times

Then we meditated for 6 minutes. Very relaxing.

My experience 

During the flow, the warrior was very hard to do haha. It takes practice to do it with strength. I felt like I was training and I felt really good afterwards.

Love always,

Annabel xoxo


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