Inspiration and Positivity ✨🌺

Inspiration is one of my favourite things and it’s the first things I started writing about on my blog. It’s been a while since I’ve done a traditional inspirational post where I talk to you guys and share my inspiration haha. The reason these posts aren’t consistent is because I need to feel the inspiration that I’m writing about. I need to feel it in the moment and completely want to talk about it and share it. Things like this don’t come everyday it takes time and life to bring out inspiration.  I hope to always be inspired and write these posts. I feel like it helps many people including myself and it’s one of my reasons I started this blog: to inspire, help others and create a great inspiring community! Hope this helps and you enjoy ✨😉✌🏻

Thinking positive thoughts in your mind makes you happier and more optimistic! Looking at the bright side of even the worst situations can make us feel better and stay happy. I can see this is my own life. Whenever I’m in a situation that isn’t ideal if I look at the bright side or the positivity in it I stay happy and positive and am able to be productive, joyful and appreciative; when I think about how much the situation is not ideal I become less happy and more sad. It’s something so simple to change our mindset but sometimes we can get so caught up in life and not think about how our thoughts need to change. I’m a very happy and positive person so I hate when things that are outside of my control get me down. I shouldn’t let that happen and neither should you! We are in control of our happiness, we shouldn’t put our happiness in anyone’s hands but our own. Be at peace with yourself and try not to let outside forces and things you can’t control affect you. I try to live this everyday but I’ll be honest it’s hard! Haha. Just got to keep reminding yourself 😉

Think positively, be bright, be happy, be you ✨🌈

Love always,

Annabel xoxo

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