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Hi everyone!

Natural everyday makeup is great to quickly get ready and look presentable every morning ✨ The key for a fast, fresh, natural, makeup is focusing on skin, and adding a little bit to the eyes if you have some extra time.

Add a lightweight foundation / tint , concealer under your eyes/blemishes and your favourite blush/highlight/bronzer.

I think it’s important to use good quality/hypoallergenic makeup that won’t clog the pores or irritate the skin.

If you have extra time…

Add some light shimmer to your eyelids and brow bone for an extra touch and fresh glow. Apply your mascara.

For this look, I used a natural skin tint / foundation that’s really light on the skin, Sephora concealer and Too Faced blush. These products are all natural hypoallergenic, lightweight and easy to use.

Usually, if I have extra time, I put a little light shimmer on my eyelids and brow bone and a little bit of mascara. I love putting mascara without curling my lashes because it gives a natural cat eye, wispy effect.


Makeup I Used

First aid beauty skin tint

Sephora Concealer

Too faced blush

Voilà ! Fresh, natural , beautiful makeup

Love always,

Annabel xoxo

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