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Why can I never blow-dry my hair the way someone else can? It never looks this good!?!? Well, I have. And this is what I have found to tame my dry, over-processed, color-treated, fine blonde hair…

Source: How I Handle My Dry, Fine, Frizzy, Blonde & Color-Treated Hair!

By: Pretty In My Head

How I Handle My Dry, Frizzy, Blonde & Color-Treated Hair!


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Ladies and gentlemen, tell me if this sounds familiar, you are scrolling through Instagram viewing the most perfect hair days of the most perfect looking people on the planet (even though we all know these images are curated/edited AF, but ….. f**k … they look great).
And you say to yourself, can I please have my hair look this good! Just once in my life!
Or, how many of you were sitting in the salon chair getting a blowout thinking to yourself, why can I never blow-dry my hair the way someone else can? It never looks this good!?!? 
Well, I have. And this is what I have found to tame my dry, over-processed, color-treated, fine, blonde hair.

First, The Blonde, Color-Treated Hair Issue

I have color-treated, ash blonde hair. Sometimes it will morph into more of a platinum, depending on how I’m feeling on the day my roots are getting touched up. If you’re like me, with this color hair, chances are you also experience dryness and the inevitable battle against
That’s where using a blue/violet shampoo comes into play.
My favorite is Clairol’s Shimmer Lights Shampoo for Blonde and Silver hair color.
This product has been around forever! Generations, I think. And for good reason. Using this shampoo once a week keeps that awful brass color away form your blonde tresses.
I’ve tried others, more expensive luxury brands, and none came close to this oldie-but-goodie.
I was first introduced to this product by a colorist at an Aveda salon, so that should tell you something. She put her life on the line (J/K, you know what I mean) to suggest a non-Aveda product. She said that Shimmer Lights actually tones more than other blue/violet shampoos out there.
The only con about this shampoo is that I was advised not to use it multiple times in one week due to a possible risk of a bluish hue to your hair.
Honestly, I’ve used this for years and have never had this happen. But, I heeded the advice given and only use once a week in place of my regular shampoo.
Verdict? Brass be gone.
Shimmer Lights Shampoo.jpg

Second, The Dry, Hair Issue

With color-treated hair, especially blondes, there is a good chance your hair is going to get on the dry side of things. After trying no less than a triple gazillion shampoo/conditioner combos, I think I’ve finally found … dare I say it … my Holy Grail (I promised myself I would never utter or type those words)! I typed them.
It’s the ACURE Simpy Smoothing Shampoo & Conditioner. The honest truth is, this natural, vegan, and sulfate free shampoo and conditioner gives me normal hair. Not dry or oily. Just n-o-r-m-a-l. Ahhhh ….
I also have not had an issue with this fading my hair color in any way. PERF!

Third, The Fine, Frizzy & Fly-Away Issue


Last, but God help me never least, fighting the fine and frizz factor.

I’ve found that the way you towel dry your hair can also have an effect on the frizz level. Simply put, the rougher you are with the towel, the more your hair will revolt and haunt your dreams. Thus, I picked up, the one and only, Turbie Twist towel!

Instead of rough drying your hair, blot your hair with this towel and wrap for several minutes. I like to use this hair wrap time to start my morning skincare routine.


Turbie Twist.jpg

Next, after my hair has towel-dried, I use the Wet Brush to gently detangle my hair. This brush is one of my favorites of the entire routine. It detangles your hair without risk of breakage while your hair is still wet or damp! It’s also equally as wonderful of dry hair.
Yes, I actually wrote all of that.
All true, though.
I’m still writing. Are you still with me? Hope so. You’ll love this!
The Ion Keratin Dry Oil Mist is a miracle worker. But BE CAREFUL! This is powerful. A little goes a long way!
Sulfate free and a heat protector, this dry oil can be used on damp and/or dry hair. Since I have fine hair, I spray this into my hands and then work through my hair. This smooths your hair and will give you a beautiful sleek blow-out.
When your hair is dry, add a little to tame fly-aways and add shine.
Ion Dry Oil.jpg
To assist in your frizz-free at-home blowout, be sure to section your hair.
I love to use these Croc Clips and dry my hair in sections with a large ceramic round brush.
Starting at the crown of your head, clip sections of your hair up until you’re left with the under most section of your hair against your neck. Beginning with that section and working your way to your top layer, your hair will be sleek, smooth, and frizz free. Using a large round brush also gives fine hair added body and bounce.
I finish with Aveda’s Air Control hairspray. I love this hairspray because it give you a true flexible hold. This product doesn’t trick you with those words while actually giving you stiff, crunch, AquaNet hair. Air Control gives you soft, flexible hold.
I realize I repeated myself. But, it’s true.
Aveda Air Control.jpg
This is what I do to tame my dry, color-treated, frizz prone hair. It has really helped me. Especially since I live in the South where humidity haunts you to a degree that I’m sure Stephen King has considered working it into a sewer scene in Derry, Maine.
Let me know your thoughts and what works for you too.
Eve Slaughter
Guest post by: Eve Slaughter

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