June Favourites | New Monthly Favourites Series :)

Hi everyone!

I’m starting a new series on this blog of monthly favourites about anything from recipes to beauty products to entertainment to pass times to clothes etc… I think it’s a great way to share new ideas and would love if you all add your favourites in the comments or put a link to a post about your favourites from social media or your blog.

I’ve also been loving coming up with new posts for this blog and been loving my press on nails (the post about it is below if you’re interested)

Let’s Catch Up: June Blog Posts

Bringing Back Nail Polish Of The Week

“After” The Movie Review, Photos and Outfits

Wedding Guest Hair, Nails Makeup and Outfit

What to wear with white jeans | Spring/Summer Chic Outfit Idea

How To Apply Impress Press On Nails So They Last | All About Press On Nails

Too Faced Natural Lust Bronzer Review

Telling of my adventures… Quote of the week – June 25

You are the entire ocean in a drop… – Quote of the week – June 18

Quote of the Week – June 4

Quote of the week – June 11

Love always,

Annabel xoxo

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