Nails of the week | How To Do Your Own Manicure At Home

Hi everyone!

For this week’s nails I wanted to share how I do my own manicure at home and how you can too! It’s very easy to do after some practice 🙂

This is what my nails looked like to begin:

Prepping the nails:

The first step I did was filing my nails. I filed mine in a square shape, it’s what comes the most natural to my nails. Shape your nails in the nail shape that best suits you/comes the most natural to you!

I then pushed back and cut my cuticles. If you have never cut your cuticles be very careful or just push them back if thats what you prefer.

For the last step of prep: I washed my hands and put rubbing alcohol on my nails with a cotton pad to prep them for my nail painting.


Painting the nails:

First I applied my nail vitamin from Vitry. I love to apply Vitry Sensitive Nail Repair to keep my nails strong so I really recommend you guys try this too if you have weaker nails.

This is a natural brand that helps strengthen your nails. I always apply this before every manicure. You can apply a regular base coat if you prefer.

I then applied two coats of this Vitry nail polish in the colour: Rose Dragée

This was the first time I tried the Vitry polishes. I like that there better for the health of nails but it did start chipping after 2 days (with a gel nail polish top coat on top!) whereas the gel nail polishes plus a gel top coat last a few days.

Next, I applied one coat of the clear glitter from Sally Hansen.

And, lastly, I applied this Gel Shine Top Coat from Sally Hanson to make this manicure last longer

This is the final look!

It’s really easy to do your own nails if you desire to.

It just takes practice and I recommend using products that are best for your nails and a top coat that makes them last longer without chipping 🙂

Love always,

Annabel xoxo

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