GRWM Hair, Makeup and Outfit For a Hot Summer Night | What to wear when it’s hot

Hi everyone!

It has been SO hot here in Montreal. Just a few days ago we had a heat wave and it was so hot we couldn’t breathe. So different from our winters! haha

I wanted to share an outfit idea for these hot summer days/nights!

Both my skirt and top are really light which makes them perfect for a hot night. I had these two pieces in my closet and just put them together. It’s easy to do that when your closet is full of outfits and not just random clothes that don’t go together. I can do a whole other post about that if you guys are interested 🙂

I put very little makeup on. Gold eyeliner, concealer under my eyes , lipstick … no foundation or mascara because that’s just a disaster in the heat!

I still wanted to keep my hair down so I did a half up, half down look with my scarf scrunchie. It’s so easy to make your hair look cute with these types of scrunchies. I always liked the scarf in the hair look but I never could do it with just a scarf, it would get tangled and was so hard to tie but with this scrunchie it gives the same look but is so much easier to do!



I hope you all enjoyed this GRWM, it’s really simple but still looks put together which is what’s best when it’s really hot!

Love always,

Annabel xoxo

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