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I’m so happy you made it to my blog!

I’m Annabel. I love pink and anything sparkly! Writing for this blog is what I love to do the most. 

I write all about beauty on the inside and out.That includes the side of fashion and beauty that has to do with our appearance and the other side to it that comes from within.

I share actual easy beauty tips and makeup tips that you can do everyday/anywhere no matter your schedule, budget or experience; how to dress for your personality and needs and feel the best in your skin; and inspiring messages to keep you  feeling inspired to live your life to the fullest and appreciate yourself. 


This blog really is about us girls embracing and enhancing our beauty on the inside and out. This blog is all about being inspired, feeling our best and with that looking and feeling the prettiest.

It’s all a circle of inside and outside beauty connecting to each other and that is how you feel your most confident and pretty.

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