Do you want to start your blog but don't know where to start?

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This book teaches a specific method to creating a blog easily and very fast...

How to start your blog with no tech knowledge or experience needed

How to create your blog quickly (in one weekend!)

How to gain traffic even if you have 0 followers

If you ever felt like you needed to have lots of followers, or be an "influencer" to blog, I’m here to tell you: you don’t! 

You can start a blog easily, quickly and with no tech knowledge, followers or experience needed... and I'm here to show you how!

In my limited edition new e-book, I'm sharing everything you need to know about starting your blog and gaining traffic quick. 

Say goodbye to worrying and stressing, asking yourself "How do I create a blog?" and "Who will read my posts?"

My brand new ebook walks you step my step on how to start your blog the easy way and automate your traffic so it pours in without you having to worry about it. 

✅ You're also getting my SECRET STEP BY STEP STRATEGY I used to go from 0- 150k views on my blog in 1 year!

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Hi! I'm Annabel 💖

I started my blog 7 years ago, with no knowledge, learning as I went.

I had no tech knowledge, no blogging experience, and no followers.

I didn't even know how to use social media🤫

Let's just say, I started from ground zero. 

And to no surprise... it showed. All I heard was crickets every time I would post. 

I blogged for years barely getting any views hoping that my next Instagram picture was going  to be the one that brings attention to my blog (...what was I thinking?)

I didn't know anything and trust me  when I say I did a lot of things wrong. . . 

I thought to myself "there has to be another way" and a few months later, I finally cracked the code and learned "the secret" to online traffic. 

It took me years to figure this out, and now what I learned in years, you can learn in days.

It's all laid out on the pages of this ebook...

Exactly What You're Getting

You are getting my experience and knowledge through 7 years of blogging turned into a book which you can read in a day!

In the right person's hands... this is magic. The "secret" to starting your blog easily and gaining traffic quick is right on these pages...

💖 You're getting my step by step formula on how to start your blog easily, quickly and gain traffic right away with no tech knowledge needed and no complicated methods!

💖 You're getting my strategy to automate traffic so you don't need to worry about getting views and can focus on creating AMAZING content instead!

💖 It's easy to read. At 54 pages, you can finish this book in a  day!

Nothing is worst than flipping through the pages of a book trying to find the information you need and wondering "why did I even buy this?" 

This book is written clear and simple so every page has vital information you need to implement on your blog!

There are no fluffy words to fill the pages with nonsense! ONLY the information you NEED so you can get cracking on your blog today!

💖 It will be so empowering to have all the magic right in your fingers, to finally create the blog you've been dreaming of!


I want to show you how to create the blog of your dreams easily and super fast!

with my brand new book...

How To: Start Your Blog Quick and Easy 

So if you want to...

💖 A step-by-step guide on how to start your blog

💖 Create your blog easily with no complicated tech in your way

💖 Finally share your passion with the world

💖 Gain traffic quickly even if you have 0 followers

Then this book is for you 💖

For a limited time,

IT'S ONLY $̶4̶0̶ $7

What You Will Learn

💖 Step by step guide on how to start and create your blog quick (can be done in 1 weekend)

💖 How to choose your niche using THIS one method

(even if you have no CLUE what to write about!)

💖 How to choose your blog name even if you have no idea what to call it 

💖 Learn which platform I used to create my blog with no tech knowledge 

(it's as easy as creating an email account!)

💖 TITLE FORMULAS that will get people itching to click on your blog post

💖 How to format your blog posts

💖 The SECRET 3 step method I used to gain 150,000 views in 1 year

💖 How to AUTOMATE your traffic


and much more!! 💖

What's Included In The Book?

Here's a fraction of what you're getting...


PAGE 9... 

Find out the difference between bloggers and influencers and WHY you don't need to be both to be successful!

PAGE 13... 

Learn how to choose your niche even if you have NO CLUE what to write about!

(it's not what everyone told you) 

PAGE 38... 

Find out which TITLE FORMULAS to use to pull readers in and ATTRACT them

PAGE 25... 

Find out HOW to create your blog easily even if you've never had a website before!

PAGE 29... 

The simple 3 STEP METHOD I discovered to skyrocket traffic with little effort!

(and no, it's not by posting on IG everyday or dancing on TikTok) 

PAGE 15... 

The NEW approach to choosing your niche!

(it's not the common way you've been hearing)

PAGE 42... 

The EASIEST method to gaining traffic within your first 30 days blogging!



 You'll also be getting...


with your purchase of this book!




Enjoy a surprise bonus chapter at the end of the book! 



Resource List


Enjoy a list of all the resources I mentioned in the book to always come back to when you need a refresher!






Keep track of your progress with this blogging checklist. It lists everything you need to get done to skyrocket your blog to success!




Sample Blogging Calendar


Enjoy a sample blogging calendar you can use as a guideline to your first week blogging!



Let's debunk the common myths about bloggers... because you're not common!



You need to be social media famous to have a successful blog ... WRONG!


Most people think you need to be an "Insta Model" or TikTok Star to find success online... but that is not true. That's what the media wants you to think. There is another, more effective method to growing your blog and it's not what everyone keeps telling you!


I reveal my unique 3 Step Method to gaining traffic quick even if you have 0 followers.

You do not need to have a social media presence to gain traffic on your blog. My method uses a unique approach that doesn't involve dancing on TikTok or posting your life on Instagram!


I reveal the difference between influencers and bloggers... and why you don't need to be both 


You need to know how to code and create a website to have a blog ... WRONG!

Another myth, is that you need to know how to create a website to have a blog or that it's very complicated and you can't blog if your not tech-savvy. This is wrong!

Today, creating a website is as easy as creating an email account. No one needs to know how to code or create websites anymore... that work is done for us if we choose correctly...


I reveal my favourite platform for blogging and the easiest way to get your blog set up.

Creating a website isn't hard anymore! You do not need to know coding, html or anything technical to create a blog.


I have nothing to write about and I'm not interesting. People won't want to read my blog ... WRONG!

Everyone has a story and everyone has something to share that can change someone else's life whether in a small or big way. Remember, something that is basic knowledge to you can be everything to someone else. There are people out there looking for blog posts about every subject under the sun. Just like there are many different types of people in this world, there are many different niches that people would be interested in.


I reveal how to choose the best niche for you even if you have no idea what to write about or are interested in many different topics.


I need a lot of free time to blog...WRONG!

You definitely do not need a lot of time to blog. If you're thinking "I have no time, I'm so busy, I can't blog" well think again! You can put as much or as little time into your blog as you want and still gain traffic. 


I reveal my strategy that brings traffic to my blog DAILY even if I don't post!


I reveal how to create your blog quickly (can be done in 1-2 days) by using this one specific type of platform

AT THE END OF THE BOOK: BONUS Sample Blogging Calendar

I include a bonus sample blogging calendar at the end of the book to help guide you! 

Allow yourself to live your dream...


If you want to start your blog easily, fast, with no tech knowledge needed, no experience needed then this book is for you!

If you want a BLUEPRINT in front of you guiding you step by step... this book is for you!

If you want to AUTOMATE your traffic...THEN THIS BOOK IF FOR YOU!



Blogging is for EVERYONE. It doesn't matter who you are where you come from, what you know or don't know. 

Everyone has something to say and blogging is one of the easiest ways to share your voice, share what you know, grow a community, help other people or grow a business around your passion!It opens you up to the world, opens your mind and gets your creativity flowing.

Here's what to do next


For a limited time, the cost of this book is only $7.

It's usually $40 but I wanted to make it accessible to everyone and anyone to start their dream blog today! That's why it's so affordable.

It gets sent instantly to your email after purchasing it. You'll be able to access the book anywhere and at any time! 

Don't miss this opportunity.

It took me years to learn what is written in this book. Use this to your advantage. You have time on your side.

Use my book as a blueprint to your blogging success!


IT'S ONLY $̶4̶0̶ $7 

Thanks for taking the time to check this out! I wish you all the success in the world!

P.S. if you're someone that skips to the end of the page (like me), here is what is going on: 

I have a brand new book called How To: Start Your Blog Quick and Easy where I show you how to create your blog easily and jumpstart your traffic right away!

This book is the blueprint to blogging success. It lays out step by step how to start your blog easy and fast plus how to gain traffic right away (even if you have no followers). 

It's easy to read and simply explained. 

You won't be ripping your hair out spending all your precious time trying to figure it out on your own.

This is your easy way to blogging.

And all you pay is the tiny price of $7  

You will also be getting 4 bonuses:

BONUS 1: A surprise bonus chapter at the end of the book

BONUS 2: A list of resources I mentioned in the book to always come to when you need a refresher

BONUS 3: A checklist to keep track of the steps you need to complete

BONUS 4: A sample blogging calendar you can use a guideline to your first week blogging

So what are you waiting for? Claim your copy now and create the blog of your dreams the easy way!

It's not worth it to go through it alone and learn as you go... your time is valuable.

Trust me... I've been there.

It took me years to learn what is written in this book.

Spending years learning through trial and error costs you your precious time and the opportunity to live your dream life sooner.

I say, investing the $7 in this book is much more worth it than wasting years learning on your own hoping to fall upon the right method.

I wish I had a book like this when I started so I didn't have to spend years figuring it out. 

You have an opportunity that I didn't have. Don't pass this up. 

Imagine where you could be within the next few months...

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Copyright 2021 Annabel Annunziata 

Copyright 2021 Annabel Annunziata