My Skincare Routine ✨

Hi everyone! Recently, I found the most amazing skin products for my skin type. I have very sensitive skin prone to redness and it’s a little dry. I love focusing on skin care rather than covering up with makeup. I think it’s so important to take care of your skin and keep it as healthy … More My Skincare Routine ✨

How I Clean My Makeup Brushes 💋

UPDATED POST ON THIS CLICK HERE It’s so important to wash our makeup brushes. These brushes  are used on our face and can make our skin irritated if we don’t clean them. How I Clean My Makeup Brushes  I first start out my taking out a mild shampoo to clean the brushes with. Here I … More How I Clean My Makeup Brushes 💋

My Skin Care Routine 💄

Hey everyone! Here’s my 2015 skin care routine and the latest products I’ve been using 😉 Every morning I wash my face with the Arbonne Calm Face Wash and then moisturize it with the Arbonne Calm Moisturizer. For dark circles under the eyes I use the Arbonne Cooling Eye Gel or the Bausch + Lomb … More My Skin Care Routine 💄