1000 View Continuation: Outfits and Nails 🎉💅🏻💕

Fashion celebration! Thanks so much for over 1000 views again everyone! To celebrate some more here are some outfit and nail ideas! Remember to stay creative and to stay true to yourself! You guys are all beautiful and wonderful and I appreciate you guys so so much! Have fun with yourself and do the things … More 1000 View Continuation: Outfits and Nails 🎉💅🏻💕

400 Views Celebration

I just hit 400 views and couldn’t be happier! Thank you all for reading my posts! I appreciate it so so much!! To celebrate I’ll share my favourite makeup item! It’s lip products! I love lipgloss and lipsticks. My favourites are pink tones. 💄 Love always, Annabel xoxo Don’t forget to follow me on… Instagram: … More 400 Views Celebration

100th View Celebration

Every time I hit a hundredth view (100, then 200, 300…) I will do a celebration to thank you guys! A celebration could consist of a fashion/beauty/health/fitness secret I have, a story, passion, or something about myself that I will post. Today’s celebration is sharing something about myself. I love doing my nails! I have … More 100th View Celebration