🌸 Health Benefits of Yoga: Day 6 🌸

Day 6 of the yoga journey! We focused on strength today πŸ’ͺ🏼 We started with 3-part breathing as in every session. I learned a new type of breathing called Breath of Fire How to do it… Kneel, spine straight, shoulders and head aligned Inhale lungs 3/4 capacity Pause Exhale sharply and short through the nose … More 🌸 Health Benefits of Yoga: Day 6 🌸

Easy and Fun Fitness

We don’t have to go to the gym to keep fit. We don’t have to dread exercise either. Here are some easy, fun exercises that can be done at home. House chores: Any house chores keep us fit and moving around. Stretches: Stretching is so easy and can be done just about anywhere. Plank: The … More Easy and Fun Fitness