How To Grow Longer Hair💆🏼

The key to growing longer hair is keeping it healthy. To keep hair healthy it’s important to change your hair routines. -Use elastics that won’t pull, strain or break your hair. Scrunchies are much better for the hair than regular elastics since they are soft and don’t pull on your hair. -Brush your hair. It’s … More How To Grow Longer Hair💆🏼

Hair and Makeup! 💖

Hairstyle Ideas: random little braids in hair (it’s so tropical and great for vacation and summer), little braids going into a pigtail, braid, high pigtail, low pigtail, hair down with one little braid pinned or tucked to the side of head, and adding headbands to hair. Makeup Ideas: Winter: Bronzer, mascara and lipgloss or lipstick, … More Hair and Makeup! 💖

200 Views Celebration

Thank you guys for 200 views! I appreciate it so much! To celebrate, I’ll share a beauty secret: if you blow dry your hair upside down, it’ll have more volume 🙂 Love always, Annabel xoxo