Love Never Leaves Poem

I’ll always love you because… When you laugh, I laugh When you cry, I cry When your mad, I’m mad When you smile, I smile Love is always together Two halves combined into one One half can’t make a whole Without you I’m all alone When you leave, I stay When you come back I’ll … More Love Never Leaves Poem

Being Happy 

Sometimes it is thought that to be happy everything has to be perfect, which is so untrue on so many levels. There is no checklist of what to have to be happy. Happiness comes from within. It’s as simple as choosing to be happy or not. The only one to the key to your happiness … More Being Happy 

Age Is Just A Number 

Don’t ever think you can’t achieve something  because of your age. It’s just a number, go chase your dream. Your age doesn’t define you just like anything else that isn’t your personality. Don’t stop yourself in fear of other peoples opinions. Love always, Annabel xoxo

1000 View Continuation: Outfits and Nails 🎉💅🏻💕

Fashion celebration! Thanks so much for over 1000 views again everyone! To celebrate some more here are some outfit and nail ideas! Remember to stay creative and to stay true to yourself! You guys are all beautiful and wonderful and I appreciate you guys so so much! Have fun with yourself and do the things … More 1000 View Continuation: Outfits and Nails 🎉💅🏻💕