Love Never Leaves Poem

I’ll always love you because… When you laugh, I laugh When you cry, I cry When your mad, I’m mad When you smile, I smile Love is always together Two halves combined into one One half can’t make a whole Without you I’m all alone When you leave, I stay When you come back I’ll … More Love Never Leaves Poem

Life is Life 

Life is hard, unfair and unpredictable. It’s also fun, exciting and adventurous. All these things make life amazing. Life is about feeling every emotion to its fullest. It’s about using every piece of your mind, bone in your body, nerve in your nervous system and every ounce of eyesight, hearing and feeling you have. Life … More Life is Life 

How I Enjoy Life and Live to the Fullest

Life’s about having fun. Laugh. Smile. Be around people who make you happy. Life’s just too short to be miserable. Stop running around and smell the flower. If you’re not having fun, don’t do it. If it stresses you, gives you anxiety, just don’t do it. It’s just not worth it. Enjoy your time while … More How I Enjoy Life and Live to the Fullest