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I’m Annabel. I’m 22 from Montreal, Canada. I love pink, fashion, makeup and travelling!

I started this blog when I was 15 and it’s been my passion ever since. From then, I got my certificate as a makeup artist and an AEC in Fashion Styling. When you subscribe your joining a girly, positive community and you can feel free to message me any time 🙂

I believe beauty is on the inside and out. When you feel good, you look good. It shines from your soul. I hope you leave every post feeling inspired.

My posts are all about beauty on the inside and out. That includes the side of fashion and beauty that has to do with our appearance and the other side to it that comes from within.

I love sharing beauty tips I learn and research, fashion tips, and life inspiration from quotes and my own thoughts.

What posts I create…

Beauty posts

(sharing what I’ve learned as a professional makeup artist and lover of all things beauty)

makeup looks/tips/products/reviews/hacks, makeup for your skin, beauty products, sensitive skincare, manicures etc…

Fashion styling posts

(sharing what I’ve learned as a professional fashion stylist)

feminine outfit ideas, styling tips, creating your wardrobe, body types, how to shop etc…

Inspirational posts

(beauty on the inside, the spiritual part to fashion and beauty)

I’m forever here to inspire! I’m always looking for quotes that inspire me and I love feeling inspired so of course I want to share that will all of you.

Now, I believe that fashion and beauty is about the inside too, not just the outside.

There is so much more to fashion and beauty than the actual clothes and beauty products.

There is so much feeling that goes into how we dress and do our makeup. Fashion involves all areas of life.

I will always include the feeling and inspirational side to beauty and fashion and life in general because I truly believe beauty is on the inside and out.

Whatever goes in needs to come out, so if you’re feeling negative on the inside, you won’t look in the mirror and feel your best, that negativity needs to come out before you can feel good. If we don’t feel good about ourselves on the inside what is the point of anything else?

We can wear cute clothes and do our makeup all we want, but it won’t do anything in how we feel inside, if we’re struggling with something or if we’re closing our hearts from the world.

So I will be sharing quotes and inspiring messages from my experience or thoughts to this blog because looking pretty on the outside has more to do with being pretty on the inside than it does with makeup and outfits.

At the end of the day, we’re all humans, we’re not perfect, we will make mistakes just like we will have achievements. There will be times where we’re sad, and other times when we’re happy. There will be times where our appearance is the last priority because there’s deeper things going on in our life and then there will be times where we feel on top of the world and beautiful inside and out. It’s all about how we feel on the inside that dictates how we feel about how we look.

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This blog really is about us girls embracing and enhancing our beauty on the inside and out. This blog is all about being inspired, feeling our best and with that looking and feeling the prettiest.

It’s all a circle of inside and outside beauty connecting to each other and that is how you feel your most confident and pretty.

I hope you subscribe and join this girly inspirational community and enjoy my posts as much as I love creating them!

Never hesitate to leave me a comment or post suggestions! 

Love always,

Annabel xoxo

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