What is Beauty? And, How To Feel Beautiful?

Did we look in the mirror this morning when we were getting dressed? Did we call ourselves ugly? Or was today the day we called ourselves fat? Did we tell ourselves our hair is flat and our nose is too big? Whatever we called ourselves we should take it back. Say it right now. Say:“I take it back”. Right now. I’m waiting. Say it. We should all replace our hurtful comments that we say to ourselves with nice, positive comments. We should never ever put ourselves or others down. Did someone tell us something hurtful? Guess what? We aren’t going to listen to them. We are beautiful people and no one is going to put us down not even ourselves. If we wouldn’t put others down, why are we putting ourselves down? Would we tell a child they are ugly? No. So then why are we telling ourselves hurtful things like that? We should say we are beautiful everyday until we believe it. Each day, we should all choose one thing we hate about ourselves and tell ourselves that it is beautiful. We should all do this until we believe it. We need to believe that we are beautiful on the inside and out. We need to believe it because it’s true. To be beautiful on the outside we need to be beautiful on the inside. True beauty comes from within. We all need to be nice, kind and the best person we can be. We all need to think about what other people might be going through before making judgments/comments. We never know someone else’s story. We never know what someone is going through. We should never judge. We should never compare our beginning to someone else’s middle. Remember you’re a beautiful human being on the inside and out. I believe you’re beautiful but do you?

Love always,

Annabel xoxo

Bullying Myself

I found this picture on this site:

Note: If you are getting bullied by someone or have suicidal thoughts let a teacher or adult know. As always, if you need help with something you can leave me a question in the comments or e-mail me at: annabelannunziata@gmail.com


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