One Can’t Write A Review On A Book That One Has Never Read

Looks can be deceiving. We don’t know what people have been through. We all hold so many experiences, feelings and pain so why do we all judge each other? It’s so disappointing when one is judged by their appearance. Looks don’t matter and looks don’t define people. Character defines a person not appearance.

No one knows the experience a person holds. The pain a person has felt is kept inside. Not all the feelings we feel are showed to the world. So why judge people, their behaviour and beliefs if we don’t know where they’ve been? Unanswerable. Maybe because we don’t think about how everyone is living their own story that we never read. Let’s all stop judging and start accepting that we don’t know the full story so we can’t critique it.

One can’t write a review on a book that one has never read. A person’s story is one that can’t fully be read by another person. Let’s stop the judging because it hurts.

Love always,

Annabel xoxo


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