Life Goes On

We should enjoy the life we live and not stress or worry about anything. Life is short and it is made to be enjoyed. Laugh, live and love. Smile and enjoy time. Problems are small in this big world. We should spend time with the people who make us happy as they give purpose to our life. We should make time for the things we love. Love and be loved. The amount of problems in our life do not matter as life goes on.

We can cry, laugh, love, live, smile, be mad, be happy, be sad, get hurt, be broken, or scream and life goes on. We can lose someone, gain someone, move on or stay put and life goes on. We can fight, love, be kind, travel, make memories and be on top of the world and life goes on. We can be alone, be sad, lonely, broken and lose someone we love and life will still go on. We can get so mad, have a million problems, drama, fights, lose friendships, we can miss someone deeply and again, life will still go on.

No matter the obstacle or awesomeness in your life remember that life goes on.

Love always,

Annabel xoxo

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