3 Healthy, Positive Additions To Your Room 

Aloe vera, inspirational calendars and a Himalayan salt lamp are all things I think everyone should have in their room. It’s so healthy to wake up and sleep with these 3 things added to your sanctuary.

Aloe Vera 💖

✨Aloe vera plants are so beneficial for the health! I have one in my room and I think you all should get one too 😊✌🏻💚

Some benefits…

Purifies the air (absorbs carbon dioxide, releases oxygen)

Relieves burns

Great for the skin. It moisturizers and refreshes the skin and is great to help with acne.

Eating/drinking aloe vera is very beneficial for your body. It helps with lots of health issues like arthritis, hair loss, dandruff, kidney stones etc…



✨Himalayan salt lamp 💖

Not only is this beautiful but it has a lot of health benefits. I love it so much! It is such a pretty addition to your room 😊 You can keep it on all day and night.

🌟This salt lamp emits negative salt ions when heated that help blood flow, improve sleep, increase levels of seratonin in the brain and reduces allergy and asthma symptoms. The heat comes from the bulb inside the salt. It also neutralizes electromagnetic radiation that comes from all the electronics we use, purifies the air, improves breathing, reduces stress and improves mood. Haha crazy how all these benefits come from the negative ions the salt releases when heated! It’s amazing ✨💕


Inspirational Calendar 💖

I love my inspirational calendar. Reading the monthly quote is a good way to start the month 😊 It’s nice to look at everyday and keeps you inspired. The pictures are very relaxing too. Mine is a zen calendar. Here is this months picture and quote. Let me know if you want me to share it every month.

Love always,

Annabel xoxo

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