Megan Hess Book Collection Review and Lookbook

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Hi everyone! Today I’m doing something a little different with this book look book. These books put fashion, art and writing together. It’s a dream for anyone who has one or all of those passions.

I am such a lover of Meghan Hess! I love everything she does and literally want to buy her whole shop! Her illustrations are so beautiful and she also has books with her illustrations featured. I started collecting them and I have four of them at the moment. These are books that any girly girl would love to have, which is why I’m so excited to create this look boom and share them.

They’re fun to read and look at. They also make great decoration or coffee table reads. Hope you enjoy this look book, I linked the books in case you want to go purchase one too 🙂




Paris Through A Fashion  Eye   

New York Through A Fashion Eye

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Megan explains her travel advice and best places to go/shop at and stay! All with beautiful illustrations that you want to jump into!



Iconic: The Masters of Italian Fashion

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Megan illustrates and explains all the icons in Italian Fashion. They literally shaped the fashion world. Her illustrations in this are the most beautiful than any other book. The colours are so vivid and it really makes the fashion houses come to life in the creative world.


The Dress: 100 Iconic Moments in Fashion

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In “The Dress” Megan features 100 of the most iconic dresses. Some of my favourites are pictured above. If your a dress lover then you’ll love this book. Honestly if your a fashion lover/girly girl you’ll love anything from Megan Hess.


Hope you enjoyed this post and got inspired by Megan Hess’ beautiful books. Leave me a comment below if you have her books too!


Love always,

Annabel xoxo

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