Bringing Back Nail Polish Of The Week

Hi everyone!

I’ve been looking through my old posts on my blog and came across my old nail polish posts and wondered why I stopped writing them. I loved creating those posts and you guys loved them too so I decided I’m bringing them back!

Every week there will be a dedicated post to nails including my manicure plus the nail polish used ✨ or manicure inspiration. I hope you guys enjoy them and I hope your as excited as I am for these posts.

Hope you get inspired for your summer manicures! This one is really simple to do  😉


This week’s manicure…

Using both of these press on nails from Impress…

They last me a few days or even a week! I have a whole post written on how I make them last here

They’re really simple to put on and they look so pretty!


Love always,

Annabel xoxo

4 thoughts on “Bringing Back Nail Polish Of The Week

  1. I mixed and match as well. This one is pretty. I’ve been wanting to get the gray/marble one but they are never on sale. I only buy them when they are on sale (cost me about 3.50 per box).

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