How To Figure Out Your Undertone And What Colours Suit It | Blogmas Day 6

Have you ever noticed that some colours look better on you then others? Some lipsticks or blushes look better on you than others? Or maybe you have two lipsticks that are similar in color but one brightens your face and the other one just looks scary?

Do you feel like some days you just feel like you look prettier than other days? Like your eyes just look brighter then yesterday, your skin looks perfect and awake and your hair colour is shining in the light?

Or maybe your friend just looks so put together but you can’t pin point what is making her look so good. This is magic of perfecting the colours you wear that go perfectly with your skin tone. This goes for makeup, clothes and jewelry.

This is because we all have an undertone. Colours that match with our undertone will make us look our best and brightest.

Knowing your undertone is key to knowing what makeup and shades work for you. It’s also key to know what colours and jewelry goes better with your skin tone.

What is an undertone?

The undertone is the colour that is beneath the surface of your skin. You see the colour of your skin of course and then your undertone is the colour underneath.

There are 3 undertones that exist: Cool, Warm and Neutral

If you’re cool tone you will have blue, pink and red undertones

If you’re warm tone you will have a green and yellow undertones

If your neutral you will have a beige undertone, your undertone will be very similar to your skin colour

Any skin surface colour can have any undertones.

How To Know Your Undertone

Look at your veins

Take a look at your veins on your wrist. Do they look more bluish? more greenish? or beige/no color?

If they look more blue, you’re cool tone. If they look more green, you’re warm and if they look beige or colourless then your neutral tone.

What colours look better on you?

Does orange or magenta look better on you? If magenta looks better, you’re cool tone and if orange looks better, then you’re warm tone. If they both look equally great, then you’re neutral.

You can figure this out with clothes or by putting an orange paper and magenta paper both next to your face and seeing which one suits your skin better.


I know, I know, if you’re a jewelry lover you won’t want to hear this but we all have a metal that looks better on us. It doesn’t mean you can’t wear other metals if it doesn’t go with your skin tone, it just means that the metal that goes with your tone will make your skin look brighter and really stand out on you.

Now, which looks better on you: silver or gold? Not which one do you like better: which one awakens your skin and looks brighter on you?

If it’s silver: you’re cool tone

If it’s gold: you’re warm tone

If both: you’re neutral

Try white

Put a pure white paper or towel next to your face. Does it brighten you or does it make you look dull? If it looks amazing: cool tone. If it makes you look dull: warm tone.

Cool tones look better in pure white while warm tones look better in off-white. If you look good in both you may be neutral tone.

Do you blush easily?

If yes, then you’re cool tone.

Do you tan or burn?

Cool tones can burn or first turn red which then turns into a tan whereas warm tones just tan.

If you’re African, even though you don’t burn, you may still be cool tone. Use the other ways to figure out your undertone.

The Colours That Look Better On Each Undertone

And, of course, neutral tone usually look good in both color palettes 🙂

Now, I want to say that if you like a colour that’s not in your colour palette for your tone or if you like jewelry that isn’t for your tone, it doesn’t mean you can’t wear it. Wear what you love! Of course the colours that go with your skin tone will make you look the brightest and harmonize your skin, hair and eye color but sometimes we just have to wear whatever colours we’re in the mood of. It’s just a guideline, outside the guideline is real life that we need to live. These are just tips 🙂

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Love always,

Annabel xoxo

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