The Prettiest Everyday Winter Outfit Ideas + How To Create Your Winter Wardrobe

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Hi everyone!

I know right now we’re in lockdown, at least here in Montreal so most of our time is spent wearing loungewear haha. I wrote a post all about loungewear ideas, if you need some inspiration, you can read it here.

But today, I wanted to share an everyday winter outfit look book because sometimes winter seems soo long and finding a way to still dress cute and how you like is really important to embrace it and make the best of it!

Winter outfits can be the most elegant, dressed up outfits, way more then summer outfits can be because in the winter you add layers, tights, fur, gloves, headbands, ear muffs etc… the list can go on and all of this is added elegance and glam.

But, there’s also a way to to dress casual and comfortable and still look chic in winter. You don’t need to just wear jeans and a big jacket if you don’t want to! Winter doesn’t need to take over your style which then causes us to wish for it to end. We need to embrace every season and make the best of it!

You can always dress for any type of day and still stay true to your style. With covid, we need casual outfit inspo the most! #alldressedupnowheretogo

Tips for your winter wardrobe:

Wearing knitted dresses is an easy way to look chic and still be comfortable in the winter. There so cute and can be dressed down for an everyday outfit. Wearing a cute knitted sweater with jeans and a cute bag is also a chic way of elevating your casual outfits to still look cute and chic. Add your favourite winter jacket to any of these outfits and some cute winter booties for a chic everyday look!

It’s actually pretty easy to put together your everyday winter wardrobe. Here’s a list of what you’ll need:

Knitted dresses

Knitted tops

Long sleeve tops



Cute winter jacket

Cute winter booties that keep your feet warm

Fave winter purse

*optional: knitted 2 piece set*

The most important part of your winter wardrobe is your jacket. Choose a jacket that you love, looks flattering on you and makes you feel confident. Choose it in a colour that you love and goes with most of your clothes. Make sure your jacket, booties and purse all go with each other and match with your outfits too so you always look chic even when just throwing an outfit together. Choose your booties in a color that goes with your clothes. Honestly, your jacket, boots and purse are what make or break your winter outfit. Just focus on those 3 things, choose them in a style you love and you’ll be good to go!

Over time, you can build your winter wardrobe up into having a few winter shoes and jackets. Over the knee boots, regular booties (not insulated) are also good to have for warmer winter days.

Some inspiration for your winter wardrobe…

Of course, just swap heels for flats to dress down any of these outfits! Wearing ripped jeans is also a way to dress down any outfit.

I hope you guys enjoyed! Let me know what your fave thing to wear in winter is 🙂

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