How To Clean Your Makeup Brushes and How To KEEP Them Clean

Cleaning makeup brushes is so important. No one wants bacteria building up on the brushes and making its way to our face. It’s really important to deep clean brushes at least every 2-3 weeks and maintain their cleanliness with brush spray. Every time I finish using my makeup brushes, I clean them with my brush spray. This way I am always using a clean makeup brush on my face and their is no bacteria build-up. Then, every 2-3 weeks, I deep clean them with water and shampoo.

How I Deep Clean My Brushes

I put baby shampoo on my silicone makeup brush cleaner and swerve the brush in circles all over to clean it and then rinse it with water and lay the brush on a towel to dry

These are the heart silicones that I use. I got it at my beauty school but you can find it on amazon

I then clean my brush holders with makeup wipes

Brush Sprays

After every use, I clean my makeup brushes with brush spray. I get Scott towel and spray my brush and then swerve and rub my brush on the Scott towel to clean it. I keep spraying and repeating until there’s no more makeup coming off on the Scott towel.

This is the brush spray I use and recommend. You can find it on amazon

What’s your makeup brushing routine? Leave me a comment down below 🙂

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