Loving Life and Living Free | Quote of the week

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Sometimes words are at the tip of my tongue and I read a quote and it’s saying exactly what I wanted to say. Sometimes when I don’t have the words, others do.

Be happy and love your life. Find joy in the simple things like a sunny day or pretty leaf on the ground. Look outside and take in nature. Everyday we look at the world but do we see the world everyday?

Think positive. It’s always better to think positive rather than negative. In a negative situation, the situation will still be what it is whether we look at the positive or negative side.

Avoid bringing yourself down. There’s enough sadness in this world, don’t bring it on yourself  by yourself.

Life is short, enjoy it and live it how you want. Live free and love…


What does this quote make you think of? Comment down below 🙂


Love always,

Annabel xoxo

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