Lavender and Champagne Pastel Makeup Tutorial

Hi everyone!

Today I’m going to be sharing a tutorial for a pastel makeup look I created recently along with the makeup and palettes I used 🙂 I had a lot of fun creating this look 🎀 Enjoy!


I focused on pastel colours and created the eyeshadow look with lavender, baby blue and shimmery champagne colours 🎀

My model had eyelash extensions so I didn’t need to use false lashes or mascara ✨

✨ It’s all about enhancing your features and using colours that make your eyes stand out and complement your skin! Makeup is about using what’s best for you ✨

Get the look:

Bodyography Foundation

Bodyography Contour Kit

Bodyography Concealer

Too Faced Loose Powder

Sephora Pro Palette (lavender and light glitter shades)

Tarte Mermaid Palette (blue/purple shades)

Tarte Black Paint On Eyeliner (I applied this very thinly)

Benefit Blush Palette (peachy blush)

Anastasia Moonchild Highlighter Palette (glittering highlight for cheekbones)

Bodyography Pink Lip Liner

Moschino Lipstick

Sephora Clear Lipgloss


Love always,

Annabel xoxo

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