8 Best Things About Fall

Fall Themed Hallmark Movies

Don’t Hallmark movies just make every season better? I love how they theme their movies <3


I love baking for a season 🙂 I pretty much just bake chocolate cake but I love making it seasonal using different cupcake covers or decorations or baking spatulas that are halloween themed. You can even bake apple cobbler or pies and more fall desserts.

Enjoying the Colourful Leaves

They’re so pretty to look at on a walk, through the car or even from your window


This is a big part of fall! There are many ways to celebrate Halloween. You can go trick or treating if that is done in your country, you can have your own celebration at home, go to a party or answer the door to trick or treaters. You can get dressed up or just put on a Halloween accessory like a witch hat or cat ears or something simple like that.


I love decorating for fall. It’s fun and gets you in the fall mood 🙂

Decorating Pumpkins

There are so many ways to decorate pumpkins. You can paint them, carve them or stick decorations to them to create it into your own idea.

Apple Picking

It’s so fun to go pick your own fresh apples and other vegetables and fruits that are in season

Fall Outfits

Coming up with different outfits for fall is so fun! I love fall fashion, you can get really creative and make some nice outfits. Also, one of the best parts of fall fashion is wearing tweed

I’m sure there are many more great things about fall but these are the ones that I came up with and do myself 🙂 Hope you enjoyed

Whats your favourite about the fall?

Love always,

Annabel xoxo

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