Wardrobe Essentials Every Girl Needs

Hi everyone!

I’m very excited to share I’m starting a new Styling series! I graduated as a Fashion Stylist a couple months ago and now want to share what I learned with you guys!

I will be sharing my tips on outfit ideas, wardrobe must haves, dressing your body type, where to find your favourite clothes, finding your personal style, shopping and more!

Of course, the first step to your dream wardrobe is having the basics. Today, I thought I’d share the wardrobe basic essentials I think ever girl needs to start this series off!

But before we get into that…what colours should your wardrobe essentials be? Is it true that they should only be in neutral colours?

What colours should your wardrobe essentials be? 

Wardrobe essentials should be timeless pieces that will never go out of style. They are pieces you can mix and match easily and will be the foundation to every future outfit. This is why they should be in neutral colours of your choosing (white, black, grey, beige etc.)

Now, depending your personal style, you can add one or two favourite colours that you know you will always wear. If you have a favourite colour that became a basic for you, purchase some essentials in that colour too.

The key is to make sure all your wardrobe basics mix and match easily. Only you know what colour palette you want your basics to be because it’s all about personal style and taste. I can say you must have grey basics but if you hate grey, that’s not going to get you anywhere haha!

To create your colour palette for your wardrobe essentials, first choose which neutral colours you like most and then 1 pop of colour. If you love neutrals and hate wearing colour then your essentials will only be in neutral colours but if you have 1 favourite colour that you know you will always wear for years to come I say incorporate it!

For example, my wardrobe essentials are in white, black, grey and pink. I love the colour pink so much that it became a basic for me and I want to be able to mix and match my outfits easily with the colour pink so it was important for me to include it. Personally, I am not a fan of beige on my skin tone so I didn’t include it.

Your wardrobe essentials should reflect you. It’s all about wearing what makes you happy and confident! Use this guide as a base and adjust it to your personal style. 

Now let’s get into the essentials…

Wardrobe Essentials Every Woman Needs


1 White short-sleeve top

1 White long-sleeve top

1 Black short-sleeve

1 Black long sleeve

1 White blouse or button down

1 Knitted tank top

1 Wrap style top

1 Fun top in any style/print/colour you like

1 Athleisure tank top (for working out)

“A white top is so versatile, you can dress it up or down. Wear it with jeans and sneakers for an everyday look or dress it up with jewelry and a fun skirt for a night out”

Annabel Annunziata


1 Blue jeans in your favorite style

1 Dark wash skinny jean

1 Black skinny jean

1 White jean in your favourite style

1 Blue denim short and/or blue denim skirt

“A good pair of jeans can take you from day to night; can be dressed up or down”

Annabel Annunziata


1 Black leggings

1 Summer skirt in a light material (ex: linen, satin, cotton etc.)

1 Fall/Winter skirt in a warm material (tweed, suede, wool, knit etc.)

1 Pair of trousers or suit pants

1 Pair of leather or suede pants

1 Black skirt (in any material you like; ex. leather, cotton, viscose)

1 Pair of Joggers

“When you know your body type and what suits you, shopping becomes a breeze”

Annabel Annunziata


1 Trench coat

1 Winter jacket for everyday

1 Winter jacket for evenings and going out (could be a wool jacket, faux fur etc. depending your style)

1 Fall jacket

1 Fashion jacket (leather, tweed, suede etc…depending your style)

1 Denim jacket

1 Vest

1 Blazer

“Never underestimate the power of a good jacket and pair of boots”

Annabel Annunziata


1 Knitted cardigan

1 Cardigan (in any material/style you like)

2 Cable-knit sweaters (in 2 different colours)

2 Cashmere long-sleeve sweaters (in 2 different colours)

1 Hoodie

1 Sweatshirt


1 Black cocktail dress

1 White cocktail dress

1 Summer dress

1 Knitted dress

1 Midi or Maxi dress

1 Wrap Dress

“A little white dress is the little black dress for summer”

Annabel Annunziata


1 Nude heeled pumps

1 Black heeled pumps

1 Dressy flat sandal

1 Heeled sandal (ex. wedges, open toe stilettos, strappy stilettos etc.)

1 Everyday sandal (a sandal to wear everyday in hot weather )

1 Pair of flats (ex. ballerina, espadrilles, loafers etc..)

1 Sneaker

1 Running shoe (for walking/working out)

1 Everyday winter boots

1 Pair of booties

1 Knee-high or thigh-high boots

1 Flip-flops

“Nude heels are your best friend and the secret to elongating your legs”

Annabel Annunziata


They should all be in a classic style and neutral colour that goes with your wardrobe

1 Crossbody purse

1 Shoulder/hand-held purse

1 Evening clutch

1 Classic bracelet and necklace that can be worn day or night

1 Light fabric scarf you can wear any season

Matching winter scarf, hat, mitts if you live in a cold climate


Nude bra

Black bra

Sticky bra

Nude underwear

Sports bra


Black/Nude tights

White ankle socks

Wool/cashmere socks

Ballerina socks

Pyjama set

All of these essentials will be the backbone of your closet! No matter where you need to go, you will always have something to wear if you have these. It’s also easy to add trends into your wardrobe when you have the basics.

I hope this makes it easier to start your wardrobe or add missing pieces. Remember when shopping: you need outfits not random clothes.

Email me if you want styling help: annabelannunziata@gmail.com

Love always,

Annabel xoxo

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