How To Create A Sparkly Pumpkin| Sparkly Pumpkin Tutorial

I’m back today with my last pumpkin tutorial for this season!

This one took longer than the one I posted about yesterday: here

I picked this pumpkin up at Michaels Craft Store. It was a ceramic, white pumpkin that I now created into my own 🙂 I also lights up

You can use any pumpkin you have for this project whether it’s real or fake. If its real you can even carve it before starting if you like

Now, let’s get into the tutorial 🙂



I picked up glue for glitter, loose polyester glitter (you can use any glitter you like) and Mod Podge sealing varnish spray.

I researched Krylon and Mod Podge Sprays and I liked the reviews on Mod Podge better. Also, Mod Podge had the type of spray that I needed for this which is: Clear Acrylic Gloss Spray


You Will Need

Garbage bags (it will get messy)

Paint brushes



Varnish Spray

I just want to add before I start explaining how to do this that it is much simpler to get glitter paint than use loose glitter. This tutorial will be how to do this with loose glitter because that is how I did it but next time I will be using glitter paint as it is much easier and less messy. If you want to go the simpler way just get glitter paint 🙂

Now if you want to use loose glitter lets get back to the tutorial 🙂


So, I started out with going outside and laying a garbage bag on the table I was using.

I stuffed the eyes, nose and mouth with paper to prevent glitter from falling in and I stuffed the little stars with rolled up tape. At first, I thought I could have taped the openings by the inside but there was no way to put my hand in to do that so I went with stuffing instead.


I thought this was going to help keep glitter out but when I was done, it was actually hard to take the stuffing out and it ripped some of my glitter off as well and I had to touch up my pumpkin all around every opening. If I would do this again, I wouldn’t stuff it. It would have been better to let it be and shake the glitter out when I was done.


After stuffing the openings, I painted the glue on, one small section at a time with a paint brush and then shook my glitter on it

I put some glitter on a plate and would pick it up with a paint brush and shake it on my pumpkin. Sometimes I shook the whole glitter bag on my pumpkin for it to stick on the glue and in other smaller sections I used a paint brush. Do what you think is easiest.

I kept doing that until I was done. I suggest to do the stem last so you can hold your pumpkin to turn it around and do the bottom.

I also did the inside of the openings. I put glue all around the inside of the rim of the eyes, nose, mouth and stars with paint brush and then scooped up a lot of glitter on another paint brush and shook it on top of the glue. This gives a nice finishing to the pumpkin

I let it dry for 24 hours and then the next day sprayed it with Mod Podge Glossy Varnish Spray: Be careful if you use this, follow the instructions. Wear a mask, glasses and gloves and spray 10-12 inches away from your pumpkin and I suggest doing this outside. You don’t want to intoxicate your house.


That is all! It’s pretty easy to do but can get messy. Hope you enjoy it and have a safe Halloween!

What will you dress up as?

Love always,

Annabel xoxo

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