How I Feel About Blogmas + My Christmas Nails | Blogmas Day 25

The final day of blogmas is here! It went by so fast ✨

Doing blogmas this year has been one of the best things I’ve done on my blog ❄️ it’s been so fun to not only create posts that I’m passionate about everyday but interact with you guys all my readers, every comment, like, follow, I see and appreciate so much, all I want is that I write for myself and for people that love the same things as me ✨🎀❄️

I really hope you all enjoyed my posts! Doing blogmas really inspired me to continue blogging often and create different types of posts 😊🍪✨🎀


My Christmas Nails

These nails are from Impress ✨ I was so happy when I saw they made holiday nails ❄️ I have a whole post on how to apply press on nails so they last here


I hope you all have the best holiday and year filled with happiness, health and peace 🎀

❄️Happy Holidays ❄️

Love always,

Annabel xoxo

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