The True Meaning of Christmas | Blogmas Day 24

Christmas is waking up on Christmas morning to your family and being so happy watching the snow fall ❄️ from your window and opening gifts and watching everyone enjoy what they got and enjoy each other. Christmas is watching Christmas movies with my mom cuddled up on the couch months before Christmas ✨ Christmas is staying home watching movies and eating my favourite food. Christmas is my grandmother’s cookies ❄️ Christmas is decorating the tree and making our house look special. It’s making our house extra cozy and warm ✨ It’s looking at the decor and feeling so happy and festive. It’s about being around the people I love. It’s eating together. It’s love, laughter. It’s happiness and joy 🎀 It’s making everyday special and helping others. Its making even the simplest things like watching a movie, eating or decorating our house special ✨❄️

❄️ What does Christmas mean to you? ❄️

Love always,

Annabel xoxo

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