How To Live Your Best Life | What I Think Matters In Life | What Life Is About | Blogmas Day 23

Merry Christmas Eve everyone! For today’s special post I wanted to write something more heartwarming. I hope this inspires you and I hope you enjoy yourself not only today but everyday


I think life is about connections but I also think life is about connection with ourself. I think life is about discovering all the parts to who we are and who others are. I think it’s about listening to that voice that says jump in the water, run down the street, go on that vacation, eat another piece, paint that painting ….

It’s listening to the voice that makes us feel the most alive and I think that’s wonderful.

I think it’s about keeping people who feed your soul, the ones that make you feel that you were destined to be around them.

I think life is about feeling. It’s about following what makes you feel happy. It’s about following your heart. It’s about doing what feels right in the moment because we really don’t know what the future holds and what our paths look like but if your heart is telling you to follow it, you’re doing something right.

I think life is about happiness not the job you have, the company you started, how many degrees you got, what school your studied at, how many designer things you have or how many events you’ve gone too. I don’t think life is about doing something from the moment you wake up until you go to bed. I don’t think it’s about how long you took to say yes but more about that you said yes anyway.

I think life is about doing what you feel in your heart. I think it’s about doing what you love and following your dream. I think it’s about studying what you want to know and what you need. I think we all need different types of knowledge. I think it’s about expressing ourselves and doing things that bring joy. I think it’s about saying yes more and reaching out more. I think it’s about saying sorry even if it’s a week later.

Love always,

Annabel xoxo

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