Which Eyeshadow Colours Will Make Your Eyes Stand Out? | Best Eyeshadows For Every Eye Colour | Blogmas Day 9

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I believe makeup should enhance our features 🧚🏻‍♀️ It should also be fun and it’s great to try different colours and looks, but for today’s post I wanted to talk about using colours that make your eyes stand out. ✨☺️ It really makes a difference in your makeup when you’re using the right products and colours that really enhance your features 🎀

You know those days where you look in the mirror and find you stand out more or look more proportioned or more flattering than other days? Chances are you chose an outfit, makeup and hairstyle that suits you the best. I will be writing more posts all about clothing, makeup and hair for all skin tones, face shapes and body types in the future 😊

For today, we’ll be covering eyes and more posts will be coming this week with details about every eye colour plus makeup ideas for every eye colour ❄️✨

Today’s post is more of a general post to quickly know which eyeshadow colours you should use for your eye colour and understanding the colour wheel. However, more detailed posts will be coming this week 😊 yay

Every eye colour has contrasting colours that allow for it to stand out. We can refer to a colour wheel for this. Using your contrasting colour is an easy way to make your eyes pop. Your contrasting colour is the colour opposite to your eye colour on the colour wheel. So, if you have green eyes 🌳 your contrasting colour would be purple 💜 If you have blue eyes ❄️ it would be orange 🍊 and and brown 🧸 eyes contrasting colour is blue ❄️ since brown 🧸 is warm like orange 🍊

The Colours That Will Make Your Eyes Pop

Brown Eyes 🧸

Blue (this is the one that will make them pop the most as it is contrasting to brown)

Gold (especially if you have gold specks in your eyes, this will really make it stand out)






A lot of colours will make brown eyes pop because it’s a neutral colour.

Blue Eyes ❄️

Orange (this is blue’s contrasting colours so it will make your eyes pop the most! )


Warm colours ( any warm colours will look great on blue eyes and really bring them out)





Blue mascara (sometimes blue eyeshadow can look a bit too much on blue eyes but blue mascara or eyeliner really makes blue eyes obvious!)

Green eyes 🌳

Purple (this is green’s contrasting colour so it will really make it stand out)




Green (especially green eyeliner!)


Hazel eyes 👑

Gold (gold and rose gold look amazing on hazel eyes!)




Lavender (lavender makes hazel eyes really shine brighter!)

Grey Eyes 🐘

Subtle peach

Rose gold






Cool tone brown


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