Eyeshadow Colours For Warm Tone Green and Hazel Eyes | Blogmas Day 11

Hi everyone! I hope you enjoyed yesterday’s post on Eyeshadow Colours For Cool Tone Green Eyes | Blogmas Day 10

Today is all about warm tone green eyes and hazel eyes! If you have these eye colours then this post is for you

Warm tone green eyes are green with a golden tone to them and hazel eyes are gold/light brown with a little green. You can make the green or gold stand out in your eyes using the right coloured makeup!

Both warm green and hazel eyes will have a brown rim around the colour of the eye. That is an indicator that your skin tone is warm. I have an entire post on how to know if you’re cool tone or warm tone here

Now let’s get into the post 🙂


Which Eyeshadow Colours Should You Use To Make Your Warm Green or Hazel Eyes Stand Out?

Champagne, Gold, Purple, Pale Pink, Yellow, Warm Burgundy, Warm Green, Bronze, Rose Gold, Eggplant

Gold, rose gold, bronze, yellow and champagne all make hazel or warm green eyes shine bright! They all make the gold in the eyes stand out

Purple and pink really complement warm green and hazel eyes. These colours will make the green in your eye stand out even more!

Purple is the contrasting colour to green, so that really makes the green shine! Pink really looks good with hazel eyes too. I’ve discovered this with some of my makeup clients.

Burgundy, warm green and eggplant really look great on warm green and hazel eyes as well. They give a different look and make the eyes look like a brighter green!

You don’t have to do a full eye look to get all the benefits of these colours, you can simply use eyeliner or mascara in any of these colours and it will make your eyes shine!

Some ideas for everyday makeup are putting gold or champagne on your inner corner or your lash line or using a gold, bronze, rose gold or light brown eyeliner or lining your lash line with purple or a warm green. These are all easy ways to make your eyes stand out for everyday!

Makeup Ideas

These are all stunning looks that will make your eyes shine bright, stand out and glow!

Enjoy 🙂 Let me know which on is your fave in the comments below

What’s your favourite colour to use on your eyes?

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