Eyeshadow Colours for Grey Eyes | Blogmas Day 14

Hi everyone! Hope you’ve been enjoying my eye makeup series this blogmas ☺️

Today is the last one which is for grey eyes πŸ§šπŸ»β€β™€οΈ Grey eyes are so different and beautiful, there are lots of ways to make them stand out and shine bright! If you have grey eyes this one is for you ☺️


Which Eyeshadow Colours Should You Use To Make Your Grey Eyes Stand Out?

Peach, Light Grey, Dark Grey, Peachy Orange, Bronze, Champagne, Dark Purple, Black, Silver, White, Turquoise, Blue, Nude Pinks, Burgundy, Pale Green

All these colours make grey eyes stand out like crazy and look so surreal ❄️

Black, silver, dark purple and white make grey eyes stand out a lot and make them looked very icey and cool toned ❄️ It all depends on the look your going for. If you want to add warmth 🧸 to your eyes while still making them stand out use peach, peachy orange, pale green, bronze, champagne and nudey pinks 🍊 πŸŽ€ If you want a bolder look use dark purple, burgundy, black, silver or white


A simple hack to make your grey eyes appear lighter or darker grey

If you want your grey eyes to appear a lighter grey, use dark grey eyeshadow. If you want your grey eyes to appear a darker grey, use light grey eyeshadow ❄️


Any of these colours can be used in eyeshadow, eyeliner or mascara to make grey eyes pop and look so surreal and stunning!


Makeup Ideas

The possibilities are endless with your grey eyes! Have fun with it, your eyes are stunning

Get the look:

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