Glamorous and Artistic Holiday Makeup Ideas

Hi everyone!

The holiday season is finally here and I am so excited for it 🙂 It’s the perfect time to experiment and have fun with your makeup which is why today I put together lots of ideas for you!

I found glam, artistic and wearable makeup ideas so no matter what you prefer, you can find a look for you!

Hope you enjoy 🙂 and let me know what your favourite makeup is below

Artistic Holiday Makeup

These makeup looks are artistic and different! I included lots of artistic looks to choose from so whether you want to fully transform into a Christmas character or just get creative with festive colours, there is a look for you!

Get the look:

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Wearable Holiday Makeup

These makeup looks are glamorous and festive but still wearable! These looks are perfect for a holiday party or any holiday celebration!

Get the look:

Want to create a natural holiday look?

If you usually wear neutral makeup or none at all and want to add a touch of holiday magic to your look here are some ideas:

Add a touch of sparkle on your inner corner or eyelid

Apply highlighter to your cheekbones

Apply shimmery gloss to your lips for a pouty look

Line your bottom lash line with green or red eyeshadow or any glittery colour of your choice!

Wear red lipstick or gloss

Wear glittery eyeliner

For a subtle look, choose one of those ideas and incorporate it in your normal makeup routine!

Get the look:

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I hope this post inspired you! Let me know which was was your favourite in the comments below!

Don’t forget to tag me if you try one 🙂

Love always,

Annabel xoxo

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