Pink, Romantic Easter Decor and Treat Ideas For A Girly Easter + Quarantine Thoughts

Hi everyone! As today is Good Friday, I thought I’d share an Easter look book to spread some Easter happiness since this year we’re going to have to celebrate in quarantine. I know it’s sad but we need to just make the best of it.

I created an Easter inspiration collection and board on Pinterest and We Heart It before this quarantine happened but I figured whether we have decorations or not, seeing pretty pictures of Easter decor/treats is still an escape from what is happening in the world and so pretty and inspiring to look at. Maybe this will inspire you to create a piece of decoration if you have none or create a nice dessert for you and your family to enjoy on Easter in quarantine.

I was gonna go buy a bit of Easter decor right when this quarantine started so I never got the chance but all the inspiration I’ve seen on Pinterest and We Heart It inspired be to make my own decor and make an Easter treat 🙂


I just wanted to say a little message about this corona virus quarantine: take care of yourselves. It’s important to stay safe and stay home! One day when this is all over we will look back and I don’t think we will ever see life the same. Let us never underestimate a get together with someone we love and take for granted our daily lives and simply things like going for lunch or going shopping or going for a walk in the park. Let us all remember that we are all the same and worldwide no matter what country you’re from, no matter what religion, no matter what race, we all have something in common. We’re all connected.

If you want me to create a post on ideas of what to do during this time at home I will but honestly, all everyone should be doing is what they feel is right. Some people still have school or work online but do what you feel you should be doing outside of that. Maybe you just want to watch tv everyday, spend time with your family or maybe you want to learn a new recipe or work on something you haven’t had the time to. No matter how you spend your time keep in mind one thing: this is a wake up call, you shouldn’t be stressing out about small things and you definitely need to keep what really is important no matter what (health and love) a priority.


Hope you guys enjoy the look book. Let me know in the comments below any post suggestions you have. And also, feel free to message me on Instagram if you want to talk, I know these times can bring anxiety and stress and if you guys need a friend I am here 🙂



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Love always,

Annabel xoxo

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